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Drawing and Painting Using One Point Perspective

When drawing or painting using one point perspective, the artist employs a series of techniques that emphasize one specific area of a work. This is often done to draw the viewer’s focus to that area. A famous example of one point perspective is Leonardo da Vince’s The Last Supper, in which the viewer’s eye is lead to Christ’s forehead.

One point perspective always includes a horizon line, although it may not be easily apparent in the work. The horizon line, which is at the artist’s eye level, contains a single vanishing point. In perspective drawing or painting, a vanishing point is the point at which receding lines occurring in the work appear to meet. Even if the lines don't actually meet, the viewer's eye extends the lines to note where they would meet if they were long enough to converge.

An excellent example of one point perspective is found in this pen and ink landscape by Julinya Vidigal de Vince.

Pen and Ink Drawing - Alley at Giglio Castello

Here, the lines of the wall's top and bottom are constructed so that appear to meet at the end of the castle alley way. This draws the viewer deeply into the picture, almost making it seem as if we were really there.

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