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Plein Air Painting - Part II

Plein air painting is the art of painting out of doors. This article is Part II of a five part article on plein air painting. Part I provided a brief history of plein air painting and discussed its purpose and goals. Part II discusses the preparations necessary for plein air painting.
Since plein air painting occurs away from the home or studio, and with a limited time span, plein air painters often make special preparations prior to painting.
• View the location in advance, if possible, and select your specific painting site. This allows you to spend the entire day painting. An ideal site will be in the shade and out of the wind.
• When choosing your site, be selective. Certain aspects of the scene can be omitted if they won't add to the essence of the painting.
• Wear a hat with a visor or a wide brim. You’ll be able to distinguish tone and color better by not having to use sunglasses.
• Make sure you have the option to sit down. If the site doesn't offer seating, bring something to sit on.

The Site of Julinya's Plein Air Workshop
Summer 2013   -  Adamson House, Malibu California
Make sure you have with you:
• Sunscreen, lots of water, and insect repellant.
• A flashlight.
• Paper towels or cloths for cleaning and wiping brushes.
• A camera to record the scene. It's helpful to do this at various times throughout the day and to take both long shots and close ups.
• A plastic trash bag. (A large plastic bag can double as an emergency raincoat.)
• Layers of clothing to put on or take off depending on the day.
• If it’s cold, a pair of fingerless gloves will help keep your fingers warm but still allow you to hold the paint brush.

Certain supplies are common to all plein air painting, and in Part III of this article, we will talk about the supplies needed for painting en plein air.

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