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Oil Painting Using the Glazed Painting Method - Part I

This is Part I of a three part article on oil painting using the glazed painting method. Part I provides an introduction to glazed painting.

An oil painting using the glazed painting method is one in which the artist uses transparent, oil-based colored glazes rather than opaque oil paints. These glazes are applied to the canvas in a series of layers. This produces a unique effect, which has been compared to that of a stained glass window. While it often takes longer to create a glazed painting than a non-glazed one, the results are well worth the time. This becomes clear when viewing the works of the well-known artists who painted using the glazing technique. They include Vermeer, Chardin, Rubens and Titian.

Detail of the "Milk Maid" After Jan Vermeer
Oil on Board Glazed Painting

Because the glazed painting technique has such a long history, artists sometimes will choose to create the painting on a board rather than a canvas. This is because many of the old masters created glazed works in this way. This is not exclusive, however; both Rubens and Titian created many glazed paintings on canvas.

In creating a glazed painting, the artist begins by doing a drawing, then creates an underpainting, and finally adds the layers of transparent, oil-based colored glaze. In Part II of this article, we will discuss the drawing, then describe how to create the underpainting.

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